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Founders of Dive N’ Surf and Body Glove Immortalized with a Life Size Bronze Sculpture in Redondo Beach, CA

Four generations of Meistrells viewed the unveiling of the life size statue of Bill and Bob.

On Thursday June 5th, Bill and Bob Meistrell were once again standing at their beloved Seaside Lagoon, looking out toward the ocean.  The late twin brothers whose down to earth personalities endeared them to watersports enthusiasts around the world, were immortalized at their favorite Redondo Beach spot with a bronze sculpture in their likeness.

Mayor Steve Aspel unveiled the life size sculpture of the South Bay icons in front of 100s of friends and family. Cousins and sons of Bill and Bob, Robbie and Billy Meistrell placed lei’s around the bronze necks of their fathers.  “After the event I drove down to the statue at about 9:30pm and found Dinah Lary and two others looking at the statue all lit up. I got out of the car and sat there and it is an overwhelming feeling having them immortalized in their favorite place looking out at the ocean. It makes you realize how special those two were and how much they meant to so many people,” said Billy Meistrell, Vice President of Body Glove International. Bob and Bill made there living off of developing products that kept them warm and safe while scuba diving and exploring the ocean’s of the world.  The new bronze sculpture created by artist Chris Barela  has them looking out over their beloved Pacific Ocean.  On any given day of the year that is exactly what they would have been doing if they were still alive today.

Following the statue ceremony there was a grand opening party at Dive N’ Surf and Body Glove International’s headquarters. “The event was humbling and I felt very honored to be there and see all of the love that still goes out to Bill and Bob. I am really proud of the renovated store and our new international headquarters. I am very happy that we were able to accomplish all of this in the original city that this company was founded in, Redondo Beach, California,” said Robbie Meistrell, CEO of Body Glove International. It was a great evening with music by Kevin Sousa, a live painting of Bill and Bob by artist Gregory Adamson, and food and drinks sponsored by Budweiser and Watermans. “Having Dive N’ Surf and Body Glove under the same roof again is so special.  I think we are seeing what Bill and Bob experienced 60 years ago when they were running both businesses under one roof. The event yesterday was a true testament to our history, loyalty of customers and partnerships that we have formed over the years,” said Billy Meistrell.

Image courtesy Body Glove

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