BUFF Innovates Against Cold Weather for Fall 2020

    BUFF’s new product offerings feature technical and eco-friendly enhancements for outdoor adventure

    For the fall 2020 collection, multifunctional-headwear maker BUFF Inc. is ushering in some technical and functional enhancements in two of its most popular cold-weather lines: ThermoNet and Merino Wool. The three main goals were to improve thermal efficiency in technical design; implement more eco-friendly solutions; and elevate fit and construction to keep the outdoors community comfortable in all weather conditions.

    The company is also introducing the DRYFLX+ product line.

    buff thermonet

    BUFF’s ThermoNet

    ThermoNet — a sustainable performance fabric that blends PrimaLoft yarn, recycled REPREVE fabric, and the BUFF brand’s trusted fabrication process to create a product that delivers four times the insulation as BUFF headwear’s Original microfiber products — has been re-engineered in the Fall 2020 line. ThermoNet now includes four-way ultra stretch, improved heat retention, reduced air permeability, and increased moisture management.

    In addition to increasing protection, comfort, warmth and innovation in BUFF’s ThermoNet fabric, the collection is bolstered by the new ThermoNet Hinged Balaclava. Designed with a laser-cut VaprGrid air transport feature and an articulated stay-put wind barrier, the ThermoNet Hinged Balaclava offers both maximum breathability and comfortable, high thermal coverage. It can be worn at three highly-worn active profiles to provide full-coverage protection from the elements headwear without added bulk or weight.

    buff merino wool

    BUFF’s Merino Wool

    BUFF is also expanding it’s award-winning, humanely-sourced Merino Wool collection with the introduction of Merino Wool Fleece. Alongside lightweight and midweight Merino Wool, the new Merino Wool Fleece will be the warmest fabric option.

    Highlighted by double-layer neckwear that features an elastic drawcord for added controlled stretch, Merino Wool Fleece products will also include hats and packable caps that provide all the benefits that come with Merino wool including natural odor protection, breathability and comfort.

    buff dryflx+


    Along with product innovation across the ThermoNet and Merino Wool collections, BUFF is debuting DRYFLX+, an expansion of its DRYFLX line. DRYFLX+ is built for high-aerobic, cold weather activities, and features a 100 percent seamless woven construction, and designed with technical smart zones that increase breathability and targeted warmth, leading to an enhancing, active fit. The balaclava and neck warmers are also engineered with mouth ports so as not to impact breathing.

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