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    What is Ski Basing?

    Ski basing is a sport that combines skiing and base jumping. It allows people to get extreme adrenaline rushes by essentially skiing off a very high cliff and then pulling a parachute mid air to enable a safe landing.

    Ski basing is the perfect sport for people who like to live on the edge. If normal skiing or normal base jumping is not enough for you, then ski basing could be the perfect thing for you to try.

    Is Ski Basing Safe?

    There are of course, inherent risks of skiing off a cliff. The risks associated with ski basing are similar to those associated with skydiving, extreme skiing, or base jumping. If you fail to pull the parachute, or if something goes wrong with your parachute, then you will almost certainly die or suffer a major injury upon impact with the earth.

    However, despite this fact, many people ski base successfully. On Youtube, you can find a number of incredible videos from people who wore Go-Pro cameras while doing ski basing.

    If you are thinking about doing ski basing, then you should watch some of these videos to get an idea of what you will be dealing with if you try it.

    Before you Try It

    If you are really thinking about trying ski basing, then you should definitely try regular base jumping first so that you can get used to pulling a parachute quickly. It is even harder to manage this on skis after jumping off a cliff, so you need to be a real pro at base jumping before you do ski basing.

    Going skydiving is also a good way to practice and to just get used to falling through the air. The more comfortable that you are in the air, the less chance you will have of anything going wrong while you’re doing your ski base jumps.

    If you do end up trying it, good luck and be safe!

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