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    Great Tips for Learning to Ski Half-pipes

    Half-pipes are extremely fun to ski or snowboard in. However, they can also require significantly more skill and expertise. So, you should only attempt to ski or snowboard in half-pipes if you have at least a decent amount of experience. But, being able to fly above the coping and get some air is exhilarating, so if you are up for the challenge, then you should try it!

    If you do decide to try skiing in a half-pipe, then here are some great tips for you to help you do it successfully.

    Check your speed

    When you are first learning to ski half-pipes, you do not want to start out with a lot of speed. This is because the more speed that you start out with, the higher out of the pipe you will soar. You should start out at slower speeds so that you do not go too high when you are first learning to deal with the dynamics of the pipe. Going slower reduces risk of injury.

    Start out with straight airs

    Although you may be tempted to try grabs and spins, you should really just keep it simple to start out with. This is because if you try to get too fancy too early on, then you may end up making bad mistakes and falling hard. The last thing you want to do is get injured. So, get used to the pipe first by doing straight airs before you attempt to do any complicated tricks.

    Don’t turn too sharply after you land

    In order to maintain enough speed to make it up the walls of the half-pipe, you will need to not turn too sharply after you land. If you do, it can slow you down. Try to move diagonally across the pipe after you land, not horizontally. Moving diagonally will allow you to maintain enough speed to make it up the wall on the other side.

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