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    How to take better photographs from your kayak


    When you’re out in the water on your kayak, you’ll no doubt come across incredible vistas and wildlife, giving you a unique opportunity to capture a fantastic photograph. Nonetheless, it can be tricky to take a good picture with the movement of the water while trying to balance yourself.  

    Luckily, there are some tips on how to take better photographs from your kayak so that you can have memories that last a lifetime.  

    Leash your camera and paddle  

    The last thing you want to happen is for you to drop your camera while trying to get that perfect shot, so tie it to your life vest or the kayak. You can use a thin cord that is long enough to allow plenty of movement so you can capture different angles, but not so long that it could get tangled with something. To keep your camera steady, tie a small tripod to the kayak cords.   

    When it comes to your paddle, you don’t want it drifting away when you’re focused on taking the picture, so make sure to tie it to your kayak using a long cord. 

    Protect your lens from the water 

    It’s common for water and moisture to stick on your lens while you’re on the kayak, which can ruin your equipment. Therefore, pack tissue papers or a microfiber cloth and store them in a waterproof bag. This will not only protect your lens, but it will also keep your pictures from coming out with smudges due to the water droplets on the lens.  

    Stay away from the midday sun  

    The harsh midday light will make your pictures come out flatter, so whenever possible, try shooting very early in the morning or during dusk, which will give you the best and most flattering light. Another disadvantage of shooting pictures while the sun is at its brightest is that you will most likely be wearing sunglasses, and you won’t be able to see your LCD screen properly.  

    Take some underwater pictures 

    If you have waterproof equipment, take full advantage of it and take pictures of what’s going on underwater. You can take half-and-half pictures, where you can take in the scenery and the underwater environment.  

    Don’t just focus on the scenery 

    It’s easy to take a lot of landscape pictures while you’re out on the water, but you can also focus your lens on fellow paddlers, or even close-up elements. If there is anything interesting that catches your eye, get different angles, and we promise that you’ll get at least one good picture out of the experience.  

    Above all, slow down and enjoy  

    While speed can be important, slowing down can be vital as well. Take a break and just let your kayak float, so you can really soak in the scenery and get a better chance to spot some wildlife.  

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