Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Pursues Sanctuary in the Water

    Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn Pursues Sanctuary in the Water | ActionHub

    Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, is in the middle of several probes into the interference of Russia in the 2016 presidential election and looking for sanctuary from the barrage of news coverage in his hometown of Middletown, Rhode Island.

    Middletown is a beach town where Flynn grew up skateboarding and surfing, and it’s now Flynn’s refuge, as the ocean is his therapy. According to family and friends, he has spent the last few weeks figuring out his new path while surfing.

    Flynn was part of the Trump campaign and administration until he was ousted by the White House after they said he mischaracterized conversations with Russia’s Ambassador and lied to officials. These actions are currently being investigated, and so he is seeking protection against possible prosecution.

    Michael Flynn had previously come under fire for condemning Hillary Clinton campaign aides for seeking immunity during the investigation related to her private email servers. In a strange turn of events, there are rumors now swirling that he is the one that is seeking for immunity.

    In the meantime, Flynn is said to be in “recuperation mode”, surfing with his sister at a beach near his hometown while his former government peers are testifying before the Senate’s intelligence committee. It seems surfing has always been a passion of Flynn’s, as he was known growing up for his boldness in the water and his skateboarding style. Friends say that he has a positive outlook on his circumstances, and may even end up calling Middletown home again.

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