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    2018 Winter Olympic Training on the Slopes Evolves with New Airbag

    Progression AirBags slope shaped airbags protect boarders during 2018 Winter Olympic training | ActionHub

    The clock keeps ticking as we get ever closer PyeongChang and the 2018 Winter Olympic training for snowboarders is being taken up a notch thanks to Progression AirBags’ new product.

    The new style of airbag is changing the way people train and learn new tricks while providing an extra layer of safety. The idea of the airbag is that it mimics the grade of a slope, rather than just being a flat cushion.

    The 200ft long and 77ft wide airbag can be deconstructed for ease of travel and comes along with safety walls to stop boarders from sliding off. The new device is important because it not only increases boarder safety but it also allows athletes to train hard through months with limited snow.

    “The bag is basically a gigantic bouncy house, material wise … this kind of resource is super exciting for me. It’s not only to try and get comfortable with going upside down twice but even to try basic tricks that I’m terrified of,” said Hailey Langland, a member of the U.S. Snowboarding Team.

    Another member of the team, Chris Corning, explained “Having the airbag is a real game changer … I definitely see myself using it when there is no snow, just to keep my air awareness in high intensity over the summer. Keeping my tricks dialed over the summer will be key on the airbag.”

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