Video: Cliff Diving World Series 2014 Recap

    Cliff diving never ceases to amaze me.

    The sheer bravery that’s required to catapult oneself off a high platform into dark and distant waters below is not something many people can understand. Even more impressive, these daring athletes complete their dives with unparalleled finesse and unbelievable displays of acrobatic skill. Maybe that’s why the culminating event for Red Bull’s 2014 Cliff Diving Series was so spectacular.

    Last weekend, the diving elite gathered deep in the jungles of the Yucatán to name a 2014 victor. Each athlete took their turn on top of the platform, standing almost 90 feet above the water before leaping into the air, tumbling gracefully downward as the crowd watched in awe.

    Of the 14 men to compete, Britain’s Gary Hunt emerged victorious, securing the title after nailing a triple quad (three somersaults and four twists) that earned him nines across the board. Texan Rachelle Simpson took the top spot in the women’s division with a three dive total that overtook the original leader, wildcard Adriana Jimenez from Mexico.

    But the competition on both the men’s and women’s sides was close, with impressive dives in abundance.

    Check out the video recap that, in just 1:25 minutes, shows the best of the competition. To learn more about the event, you can also visit the Red Bull results page.

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