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    Video: Drainage Ditch Kayaking

    Two daredevils from British Columbia decided last week that kayaking a river was just too tame for them. Rush Sturges and Ben Marr have been known to push the limits of kayaking, and their latest video showing the pair speeding down a Lions Bay drainage pipe is no exception.

    This is not the first time Marr has tackled such a ride though—the video of his solo attempt went viral last year. This time, Marr drags Sturges along, much to his dismay. “This is sketch. I don’t like this at all,” Sturges says of their plan to tackle the drainpipe ride at the same time.

    But they do it anyway, reaching speeds of almost 72 km/h, according to the YouTube description. It’s not hard to believe either as you watch the pair whiz through the small stream, barely slowing as they run into trees, and at one point, each other. Marr barely keeps his balance as he passes Sturges, only to finally be dumped into Howe Sound.

    Check out the adrenaline-filled ride below.

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