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    Video: Skateboarders Make the Best of California Earthquake Devastation

    This weekend, California was rocked by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake, the most powerful quake in the San Francisco Bay area since 1989.

    Napa civilians watched in horror as streets buckled, water mains burst, and buildings crumbled to the ground. Luckily, though the damage was severe, Queen of the Valley Medical Center—the hospital where those injured in the quake were sent—has reported no fatalities. But there is no arguing that inhabitants in the area have their share of damage to deal with.

    As residents watch and wait for assistance, some skateboarders decided to make the best of a bad situation. On Sunday, NBC’s Vicky Nquyen and Jeremy Carrol captured locals using the damaged streets as skateboard ramps; the cracked pavement creating an earthquake-made skate park. Nguyen tweeted the photos and a video of the skateboarders, spurring some positive feedback from locals on social media. Twitter user John Chapman may have put it best; “When life gives you earthquakes…you shred their faces.”

    Check out the video below:

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