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Rider Sandals Announces Next, Smoothie II Shoes for 2015

Rider Sandals Announces Next, Smoothie II

Rider Sandals' newest option for men, the Next.

Two new styles of sandals will be joining the line of Rider Sandals for 2015—the Smoothie II for women and the Next for men, both of which feature the Dry Eco Foam Cushioning Technology.

Founded in Brazil in 1986, the company uses 100 percent recyclable materials with all sandals produced in eco-friendly manufacturing plants in Brazil. The company is owned by Grendha, the largest maker of sandals in the world.

“Our designs are so classic, so this year we are focused on subtleties,” Brad Gruber, National Sales Manager at Rider Sandals, told ActionHub. “We’ve added some metallics to the women’s line and brighter colors, influenced from sneakers. A little more color pop and some racing stripes accent some of the styles in our men’s line.”

The Next sandal is a great combination of comfort and performance, with the men’s shoe benefiting from the inclusion of the new cushioning technology. The orange upper of the sandal is made of waterproof material, which not only ensures they’re ideal for wear during a number of activities, but that they’re going to last. The 3D-printed insole holds the cushioning feature, with blue woven nylon that accents material on the bottom of the straps, top of the foot, and between the toes.

The Smoothie II

The Smoothie II

The Smoothie II is the newest sandal option for women, which also includes the cushioning technology. “We’ve added our revolutionary Dry Eco Foam to our entire 2015 line and the new look and feel it gives the Smoothie II is impressive,” Gruber said in a news release. “Fans of the original smoothie lauded its style and comfort. Rider’s Dry Eco Foam cushioning technology is not only soft and contoured, but also quick drying, which makes the new Smoothie extremely versatile.”

The sandal features the Flexspand sole, which provides stability and a wide range of movement not included in other sandals. The sandal is a great option for those who want a supportive sole for the foot’s arch.

Both the Smoothie II and the Next are perfect multi-purpose sandals that are not only extremely durable, but can be worn on a daily basis as well. The Smoothie II will retail for $25 and the Next will retail for $40, with both available around February or March 2015. For more information, visit the Rider Sandals website.

Images courtesy of True North Brand Group/Rider Sandals

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