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Video: Brian Drake’s Life in the Sky

In April, wingsuit pilot Brian Drake and two others died after an accident in the Bernese Oberland. Friends of the 33-year-old extreme sports athlete struggled with finding a way to commemorate his life, until a friend came across a video of he and Drake during a flight in le Pic de la Grave in les Deux Alpes, France.

The friend, Vincent Descols, said the video was taken on March 14, 2014. The EpicTV description reads, “Along with Brian’s parents Jason and Holly Drake, we agreed that this beautiful piece of work should be seen by all as a reminder that while life is terribly short, it can be made so much richer by men like Brian who shared their dreams with the world.”

Check out “A Tribute to Brian Drake’s Life in the Sky” below:

Image by xof711/iStock

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