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Nepal Tourism Board Announces New Trekking Rules

A Sherpa guide at Khumbu Ice Fall in 2005.

In April, an avalanche on Mount Everest killed 16 Sherpas. Following the horrific accident that occurred at Khumbu Ice Fall, the Sherpa community released a list of requests that must be met before they would continue with expeditions. The Sherpa community also stated they would not be carrying out planned expeditions for the 2014 season in order to honor the dead. Since then, the Nepal Tourism Board has been in discussions regarding changes that should be made.

Answers arrived recently, as it was announced that the board’s chief and CEO, Subash Nirola, was removed from the position. In addition, a welfare fund will be created for the Sherpas and a new rule has been put in place that requires all foreign trekkers to hire local guides. A three-member adhoc body was also created to run the tourism board, which is now active again.

“The government has made it mandatory for foreign trekkers to accompany a local trekking guide or a porter while going for hiking,” said Ramesh Dhamala, president of Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), according to NDTV. Dhamala is also the coordinator of the Joint Tourism Coordination Committee.

A seven-member committee will be created to set up and monitor the welfare fund, which will include three members from the private sector that will investigate financial irregularities that have occurred within the Nepal Tourism Board.

Image from Pem Dorjee Sherpa on Wikimedia Commons

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