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    Video: Hazel Findlay’s Ascent of Once Upon a Time in the Southwest

    REEL ROCK 8 recently released a clip from the film Spice Girl, which features Hazel Findlay’s ascent of Once Upon a Time in the Southwest in the UK. With the ascent, she became the first woman to climb the British trad grade of E9.

    “The grade signifies a route of high technical difficulty with a significant risk factor. As Hazel explains, large sections of the route are on questionable rock and much of the gear is entirely psychological,” the video’s description reads. “Hazel must remain cool and collected throughout, focusing on the climbing and not the potential for disaster.”

    Despite her skill, Findlay still had her doubts.

    “Before I racked up for the route I had one of those ‘moments.’ I looked behind me and there was a family just beyond the shade line, enjoying time spent by the sea tanning and watching a silly girl drag herself up a rock. I wondered what I was doing,” she wrote on her website.

    Check out the clip from Spice Girl that shows the ascent below:

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