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    Video: Wingsuit Pilot Recovers from BASE Jumping Accident

    It was June 2013 when wingsuit pilot Jamie Flynn fully realized the dangers that go along with the extreme sport of BASE jumping. He crashed into a mountain, crushing the right side of his body. A new EpicTV series takes a look at how Flynn’s life has changed and tracks his progress in rehabilitation.

    There’s a scene in the second episode of the series where the athlete shows viewers the helmet he was wearing during the accident. Seeing the massive dent is something that reminds him how lucky he was to come away alive. Despite his grateful attitude, Flynn is determined to improve his body functions as much as possible.

    Viewers get a look inside his rehabilitation exercises, which he continues with in hopes he will one day jump again. The short film then transitions into interviews with fellow BASE jumpers about what aspects of the sport keep them coming back for more.

    Check out episode two of Back to BASEics below:

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