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    Bolivia Builds World’s Highest Gondola

    Sitting 13,615 feet above sea level is Bolivia’s new cable car railway line, Mi Teleférico (My Cable Car). With the first section opening last Friday, the line claims the title of the highest in the world. The gondola will not be used for winter sports enthusiasts or sightseers, but rather to help alleviate the long commutes Bolivians have had to endure.

    The line connects La Paz and El Alto, a commute that normally takes travelers at least 30 minutes by car. That time has been cut down to about 10 minutes thanks to the new line.

    “Transportation in La Paz is a disaster,” said Pamela Linarez, according to the International Business Times. “Peak hours are a headache for people who just want to go to work or come home. There are so many cars, the traffic jams are endless.”

    The cable line was built by Doppelmayr at a cost of $230 million. It will run for 17 hours each day and will only be closed for five days each year, with the capability to transport 18,000 people each hour. Each ride costs a little less than 50 cents, and the price is well worth it, as the cars even have WiFi.

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