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    Video: Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog

    A recent documentary trailer published by Dean S. Potter on Vimeo has garnered some mixed responses. The video shows Potter strapping his dog, Whisper, snugly into a backpack in order for the duo to carry out a wingsuit BASE jump.

    Potter and Whisper jumped from the 13,020-foot Eiger Mountain in Switzerland for the film, which is sponsored by Adidas. Despite the extreme stunt, Whisper looks calm during the whole experience. After the parachute is deployed and they safely reach the ground, she begins to wag her tail and jump around.

    Potter adopted Whisper when the dog was only eight weeks old, and since then the two have gone on many adventures together. “She’s an excellent climber and has climbed Royal Arches almost entirely on her own (roped-up, of course),” he said. “We also travel a lot and this past summer, Whisper did her first alpine mountaineering and summited a number of peaks in the Swiss Alps, including the Eiger and the Jungfrau. She was harnessed and roped between [me and my] girlfriend.”

    Although the dog seems well protected with only her head sticking out of the backpack and her eyes covered with goggles, some have criticized Potter for putting his dog in such a stressful, dangerous situation.

    “Although both the dog and owner land safely, being strapped to a person’s back and dropped by parachute is likely to be a cause of significant stress and fear for the dog,” a spokesperson for the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) told the Daily Mail. “Dogs have very complex needs and it is up to owners to ensure all their dogs needs are met and that their dog does not experience stress.”

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