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    Jucy Mini Camper Vans Introduce In-Vehicle Wireless Service

    JUCY Rentals has announced that its fleet of mini camper vans will offer wireless service starting in June.  The fee to include the service is $10 per day with a cap set at ten days.

    Exported from New Zealand in 2012 with launch locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas, these retrofitted minivans feature many of the amenities found in larger RVs but with easier maneuverability and better fuel efficiency.

    “We know that even though people may be traveling on vacation, they still want to have the ability to stay in touch and use mobile devices.” states Tim Alpe, Co-Founder and Chief Jucyfier.  “We focused on not only providing a great product, but a full travel experience, and staying connected while on the road is part of that objective.”

    JUCY mini camper vans first appear as standard passenger vehicles in the form of cheery green minivans with some storage on top and great paint jobs.  Once parked, however, they transform into a cozy campervan that sleeps up to four. Pop the container atop the van and pull down the ladder to enter the Penthouse, a roomy pod-tent. Inside the main cabin, the passenger seats morph into a comfortable bed, or make way for the screw-in table stored beneath them. A refrigerator, gas burner and sink fill the trunk, while a TV and DVD player folds down from the ceiling for non-stop entertainment.

    Seasonal rates for JUCY mini campers start at $70 and drivers must be 21 years of age or older.

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