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    Team Wave Sport Continues to Push Limits of Kayaking

    2014 roster includes freestyle champions and top kayakers in all whitewater paddling disciplines.

    Team Wave Sport has signed a dynamic team of world-class athletes to its 2014 roster who will continue to push the limits and advance the sport of whitewater kayaking in all disciplines. Recognized by the whitewater community for its top kayaking talent for over 25 years, Team Wave Sport will be led by longtime team manager Bryan Kirk, and guided by veterans Tad Dennis, Tyler Curtis and Tanya Faux. For 2014, Team Wave Sport proudly welcomes 2013 Jr. Men’s World Champion Hunter Katich who will defend his ICF Jr. Men’s World Cup title this year.

    “Team Wave Sport lives and breathes whitewater and is focused on pushing personal limits and team goals to inspire and advance the future of our sport,” says Kirk. “This year’s athletes will continue to build upon that legacy, whether they are navigating rapids on remote expeditions, paddling heart-pounding creek runs, performing clean hole combos, or putting together the latest jaw dropping edits. These top whitewater paddlers drive and inform Wave Sport’s high-performance standards, and we are proud to support them in all their kayaking endeavors.”

    Team Wave Sport boasts a full calendar of kayak events for the 2014 season. Many athletes will participate in top tier freestyle competitions and steep creek races, explore uncharted waters, and coach the sport’s next best paddlers. Look out for Team Wave Sport at the Whitewater Grand Prix, GoPro Mountain Games, North Fork Championships, Gauley Fest, Alabama Mountain Games, and ICF Kayak World Cup.

    2014 Team Wave Sport Roster

    • Sean Rose
    • Bryan Kirk
    • Chris Baer
    • Chris Wing
    • Devon Barker-Hicks
    • Devyn Scott
    • Elaine Campbell
    • Hunter Katich
    • Kelsey Thompson
    • Kim Becker
    • Max Ovett
    • Sam Ovett
    • Shane Groves
    • Tad Dennis
    • Tanya Faux
    • Taylor Cavin
    • Tyler Curtis
    • Tyler Fox
    • Casper van-Kalmthout
    • Michele Ramazza
    • Simon Strohmeier
    • Olaf Obsommer
    • Martin Koll
    • James Benns
    • Aleix Salvat Cuevas
    • Katelyn Green
    • Kyle Hull
    • Dan Simenc

    Get to know all of the Team Wave Sport athletes at: wavesport.com/pages/index/community/team_wave_sport and follow their adventures at facebook.com/WaveSport and wavesport.ning.com.

    Image courtesy Wave Sport

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