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    Video: Paddleboarders Have Epic Whale Encounter

    Paddleboarding can get interesting when wild animals are involved. Just ask San Francisco native Mike Lane and his friend, Jim Hernandez. The two set out on a SUP trip this week from San Francisco’s Fort Point, headed for Ocean Beach with a GoPro attached to Lane’s helmet to film the experience. What they hadn’t planned on was an encounter with a group of gray whales.

    The whales first appear at a distance, around the 2:02 mark, and then again around 2:35. But these majestic animals decided to get even closer to the paddlers. At about the three-minute mark, they can be seen swimming under and around the boards.

    The result is some amazing footage of these 30- to 40-ton animals, who seem to be playing with the duo, lightly bumping Lane’s board around the five-minute mark.

    Though some YouTube commenters believe such a close encounter could have been potentially dangerous, Lane seemed excited about the experience in an interview with NBC Bay Area, and said he and Hernandez cannot wait to get back on their boards.

    Check out the video below:

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