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    Increased Marine Canister Capacities Offer New Options

    Perko's Delphi marine canisters.

    With newly increased fuel tank capacity ratings, Delphi marine canisters from Perko offer more flexibility than ever before. Delphi canister recertification has increased capacities by approximately 20%, allowing boatbuilders to use smaller, space-saving models.

    All Delphi canisters have been recertified to optimize their capacity. The 1/2 liter and 1 liter canisters, which previously handled trailerable boat tank capacities of 45 and 90 gallons respectively, are now certified for 62 and 124 gallons. Delphi’s 4-liter canister, its largest, has been certified for a trailerable boat tank capacity of 496 gallons and non-trailerable boat tank capacity of 992 gallons.

    Perko now also offers the Delphi 3/4 liter canister. This new product is certified for trailerable boat tanks with capacities of up to 93 gallons and for non-trailerable boat tanks up to 186 gallons.

    Available with or without a heat shield, every Delphi marine canister comes with a choice of 5/8″ x 5/8″ or 5/8″ x 5/16″ connection. Heat shields are factory installed and delivered, ready for mounting into a boat.

    Specifically tailored to meet boatbuilder needs, Delphi canisters from Perko employ marine-grade activated carbon, ensuring low moisture adsorption. Their patented floating brackets facilitate installation, and accommodate movement without placing stress on the canister body.

    Image courtesy Perko

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