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    Video: Climbing the Towers of the Ennedi

    The North Face released a short video titled Towers of the Ennedi, which follows three talented climbers as they venture to the Ennedi Desert in Chad, Africa to complete first ascents of rocks located in the middle of the desert. Mark Synnott leads the team, who is known for his uncommon adventures around the world. He takes with him solo climber Alex Honnold and fellow young climber James Pearson.

    The adventure begins with a four-day, off-road drive across the desert that eventually brings the group to a garden of towers that is characterized by tall, thin rocks that resemble wine bottles and fingers. Jimmy Chin captured the footage of the trip, a professional climber who has worked with the team of athletes in the past.

    “I always know I’m going to get in over my head when Mark Synnott calls. This trip to the Ennedi Desert was incredible on multiple levels. I’m not sure how Mark found this place on the map and figured out there was climbing there. I never know how he comes up with these trips,” Chin wrote in the Vimeo description. “The fact that we got there and made several first ascents, the only ascents ever, in this crazy landscape is a testament to Mark’s expedition prowess. And, of course, the filming potential was all time.”

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