Video of Sherpas’ Last Moments Released

    The impact of the April 16 Mount Everest disaster is still being felt by everyone in the surrounding villages. Yesterday, The New York Times released a video of the last footage shot by Sherpa guide Ang Kaji just 30 minutes before the avalanche that would end their lives struck.

    The video starts with footage of the Sherpas nervously climbing up the Khumbu Icefall. The conditions are icy, and they are encountering some problems. Still, they wait in line to climb up a small, shaky ladder. Subsequent interviews with families and Sherpa guides in the area show how this event, the most deadly in the mountain’s history, has drastically affected the families—who were only paid $400 for their losses. It has also changed the way people think about climbing and has become the catalyst for change, with Sherpas demanding better pay.

    Though it is short, the video really dives into the challenges climbers face. One Sherpa even said after hearing of the incident, he will now be pursuing other, safer career opportunities.

    As the video comes to a close, the interviewer asks one of the guides if he is happy. He responds with nervous laughter that the question does not inspire confidence, leaving us with an eerie sense of dread as the camera is turned off.

    Watch the Sherpas’ last moments below:

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