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    Mia Melon Women’s Coats Reaches Funding Goal in 15 Days, Offers Extended Size Collection as Stretch Goal

    Popular women’s outerwear company provides protection from the elements without forsaking fashion

    Mia Melon, the leading brand in fashionable and functional women’s outerwear, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce their 2014 line of women’s coats. Setting a $50,000 funding goal in order to cover manufacturing and shipping costs, the project completely funded halfway into their campaign. With just under one week left, the Mia Melon campaign is presently 141% funded and could break the $100,000 mark before concluding.

    Mia Melon’s new collection includes five new coats: the Wanderer, Provocateur, Hunter, Nomad and Journey. Each coat from this line has limited quantities available for the Fall 2014 season, meaning that the only way to ensure one receives a coat is to pre-order them before the campaign ends on May 10th. The amount of preorders will determine the amount produced. If the campaign reaches its stretch goal of $90,000, the team at Mia Melon will begin production on expanding their size collection by altering the measurements of their L and XL while adding 2XL in the Provocateur and the Wanderer, the two most popular styles. As it stands now, Mia Melon coats run true to size from XS to XL. With the next stretch goal successfully reached, Mia Melon will begin production on coats with more room in the chest and upper arm areas on the L to XL sizes for normal sized women.

    If the campaign reaches $120,000, Mia Melon will work on designing and producing an outerwear line for men. The popularity of Mia Melon coats has taken off, with members of both sexes showing interest in the stylish coats. The men’s demand is far larger than expected thanks to Kickstarter backer feedback.

    “For our fall 2013 line, we manufactured over twice as many units as we anticipated needing,” says Todd Listwin, CEO of Mia Melon. “We still ended up selling out in 10 days. It was then that we realized how much larger our operation was going to have to become. People are absolutely loving our Mia Melon products.”

    The first line of Mia Melon outerwear was launched in the fall of 2011 and the company has seen a 300% growth in demand each season since. Their quick success has drawn interest from boutiques all across North America and their Kickstarter campaign was created in order to aid the company in going into production on a much larger scale. The Kickstarter campaign has also shown a huge demand in Europe, as 25% of the campaign supporters are located in Europe.

    “Lord & Taylor, the oldest upscale specialty-retail department chain in the United States, has been requesting samples of our fall 2014 line over the last 15 months,” says Listwin. “We’ve sent them samples and are currently awaiting their response. We’re already carried in a number of influential boutiques across North America and, in many of them, our products are the top-retailing coats.”

    Mia Melon outerwear is inspired by the waterproofing/wind proofing technology prevalent in outdoor sporting apparel. These articles of clothing, while being functional, left a lot to be desired in terms of fashion and comfort. Utilizing the same waterproofing methods as their outdoor apparel counterparts but employing a more fashion-conscious team of designers, Mia Melon coats provide women with unmatched protection from the elements without sacrificing a fashionable look.

    Each Mia Melon coat features a chic and fashionable exterior shell as well as a comfortable micro-fleece interior lining. Bonded between the exterior shell and interior lining is a windproof, waterproof poly membrane. The coats are then heat-treated with a DWR coating and baked to further ensure protection from the elements. Mia Melon coats have been lab tested by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and have been found to be successful in keeping wearers dry 99.9% of the time in the harshest weather.

    To order Mia Melon’s weatherproof outerwear today, visit Like Mia Melon on Facebook and Follow Mia Melon on Twitter @Mia_Melon to stay up to date with the crowdfunding campaign and be the first to learn about new contests.

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