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    Video: Wings for Life World Run Draws 35,000 Participants

    More than 35,000 people around the world participated in the first ever Wings for Life World Run on Saturday. The event had runners from six continents, 32 countries, and 164 nationalities participate in honor of those who couldn’t because of spinal cord injuries. The Wings for Life Foundation seeks funding for research that will help cure spinal cord injuries.

    Unlike similar fundraising runs, the course did not have a finish line. Instead, runners went as far as they could before being reached by a “catcher car.” The cars began to chase them after participants ran for 30 minutes. The cars started at nine miles per hour and gradually increased their speed until they reached the runners, at which time their races were over.

    The Wings for Life Foundation was given 100 percent of the proceeds. Check out the video below that provides a recap of the event:

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