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    SCOTT Sports Announces New USA Executive Vice President

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    SCOTT Sports announced today that long time executive vice president, Larry Morton and winter sales and soft goods manager, Shauna Unser will no longer be with SCOTT Sports. The multi-divisional brand also announced that John Quinn will be the new USA executive vice president.

    “This is an end to an era and the beginning of new opportunities and a new chapter for me. After 30 years, I am pleased to say that I was a part of the legacy of SCOTT Sports and the growth of the global presence we have today. I have crossed paths and built many relationships during my time with SCOTT and I look forward to continuing those relationships on my next adventures,” said Larry Morton.

    “I started with SCOTT 26 years ago and it has been a great experience building and selling the SCOTT brand. It is bittersweet to say my goodbyes, but I am looking forward to what is next and the opportunities that will arise,” said Shauna Unser.

    SCOTT Sports relocated their USA headquarters to Salt Lake City, Utah from Sun Valley, Idaho in September 2013.

    “I am very excited about the team we have here in Salt Lake City and the direction we are taking the SCOTT legacy. The passion behind our products, the brand and the outdoor lifestyle makes SCOTT a unique company. I am looking forward to this opportunity, working with my team and the road ahead. My goal is to continue to grow the brand and the presence we have here in the U.S.,” said John Quinn.

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