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    Rapala Fuels Increadible Kayak Excursion from South Africa to Miami

    Riaan Manser, a renowned thrill-seeker who’s accomplishments include circumnavigating Madagascar and Iceland in an unaided kayak and biking the entire perimeter of Africa, is expected to complete his latest adventure – a 10,765 kilometer (6,689 miles) ocean kayak trip across the Atlantic Ocean from Morocco, South Africa to Miami on Monday, May 5.

    Manser is joined on the 120-day unaided row by his wife Vasti Geldenhuys, the result of an innocent request for a holiday in New York. The couple’s excursion, made possible in part by the sponorship of Rapala, the most trusted name in fishing, began nearly five months ago in Agadir, Morroco on Dec. 15, 2013.

    Manser and Geldenhuys’ home for the duration of the journey has been a two-person kayak, equipped with two plotters, which indicate the boat’s position on a nautical chart, a weather radio and a solar power regulator that supplies energy to the vessel’s electronics.

    Provisions packed for the trip – an increadibly demanding physical feat that has required them to burn thousands of calories each day – include only freeze-dried foods. When cravings for fresh food struck, Manser and Geldenhuys have done things the old fashioned way, wetting a line in the deep Atlantic Ocean and catching their meals with the help of Rapala and Respected Rapala Brands lures and accessories.

    “We’re thrilled to have been a part of Riaan and Vasti’s incredible kayak journey across the Atlantic,” says Tom Mackin, president of Rapala USA. “Their physical – and mental – endurance is truly admirable. We’re proud that Rapala lures helped to fuel their adventure by hooking the meals that helped to keep them going strong throughout this grueling row. On behalf of Rapala, I’d like to officially say ‘congratulations’ to both Riaan and Vasti.”

    Aside from hooking fish needed to sustain the husband-wife team, Rapala products played an important part in a particularly heroing part of the treacherous oceanic row when Manser was unexpectedly thrown overboard. Reacting quickly, Riaan grabbed hold of a Rapala lure on the end of ultra-durable Sufix® fishing line, pulling himself to safety.

    For more information on Riaan Manser’s adventures and Rapala, visit www.RiaanManser.co.za and www.Rapala.com.

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