Aquapac’s Outdoor Champions Celebrate Five Years of Success

    Like most outdoor enthusiasts, Aquapac CEO Tim Turnbull is eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer. But Turnbull has more than just hikes, camping trips and bike rides in mind. This summer Turnbull will be following the adventures of his company’s “Outdoor Champions” – a half-dozen high achievers who’ve committed their lives to improving the outdoor experience around the world.

    Begun in the summer of 2009, the Aquapac Outdoor Champion program is designed to showcase individuals whose passion and work highlight a balance between conservation,humanitarianism and recreational accomplishments. Each Aquapac Outdoor Champion is awarded $1,500 in cash from Aquapac in recognition of their past achievements and to support their future endeavors. The winner also receives a selection of Aquapac’s 100% waterproof cases and bags to use on their adventures.

    The first AOC, photographer Daniel Fox, was named at the 2009 Summer Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. In January of 2014, Dr. Jessie Stone was named the sixth AOC, and her reign will continue until the start of next year.

    “All of us at Aquapac have got to know six remarkable individuals who are enjoying the outdoors and leaving their imprints on it in creative and lasting ways,” said Turnbull. “There really is this huge surge of pride when you look over our roster of Champions and see what they are doing.”

    Here is a snapshot of current projects in progress by Aquapac Outdoor Champions:

    •      2009 AOC Daniel Fox, a photographer and writer, is documenting wildlife near Vargas Island off the coast of British Columbia. He is writing with great insight for magazines about the plight of an endangered world. See for more.
    •      2010 AOC Roz Savage, the first woman to successfully solo-row across three oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian – Roz has hung up her oars, but continues to work as a motivational speaker, author, and environmental advocate. See for more.
    •      2011 AOC Sarah Outen, an adventure trekker, is halfway through her attempt at circumnavigating the world using only human-powered means. She is in North America this spring, kayaking in the Aleutian Island chain and will cycle across Canada later this summer, raising funds for charities along the way. See for more.
    •      2012 AOC Dave Cornthwaite, an author and adventurer, continues toward his goal of raising money for the charity CoppaFeel. He has recently completed a 3-week exploration of Chile’s Atacama Desert using the combined pedal and wind power of a Whike (a recumbent tricycle with a sail). See for more.
    •      2013 AOC Emily Penn, a sailor and marine advocate, is in the midst of a speaking tour in the U.K. She will embark on two voyages later this year, one in the Northwest Passage and the other a Trans-Atlantic trip with a focus on ocean toxins.  See for more.
    •     2014 AOC Dr. Jessie Stone, a kayaker, continues to operate Soft Power Health, a clinic in Uganda and will lead a paddling camp for inner city youths on the Hudson River this summer. Aquapac is donating a percentage of all online sales through the month of April to assist Stone’s fight against malaria in Uganda. See for more.

    And while 2014 is only some 25 percent complete, Turnbull is already turning his attention toward recruiting a 2015 AOC.

    “In five years we’ve brought together a high-powered mix of doers and thinkers who are making an impact in various ways,” Turnbull said. “We will continue to add to that impressive list in 2015.”

    To nominate a potential 2015 Outdoor Champion, contact Tim Turnbull at [email protected].

    Logo courtesy Aquapac

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