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    Video: Kid Climbs Nevada’s Meadowlark Lemon

    At age 13, Mirko Caballero has already succeeded at climbing Nevada’s Lethal Design (V12). After the major accomplishment, he decided to aim for Meadowlark Lemon (V13 stand start, V14 sit start). In the new episode of the EpicTV series Caballero: Confessions of a Kid Crusher, viewers watch as the teenager attempts the challenging boulder problem.

    After a few days spent working on the boulder, a foothold breaks, forcing Caballero to find a new route. Meadowlark proves its difficulty, pushing the climber to his limits. After a few more days, he succeeds, making him the youngest person to ever climb the grade. Adam Ondra was the second youngest version to climb V14 at age 15. Ondra is now 21.

    Check out the video below.

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