Outdoor Tech Kickstarter Campaign Makes Ruckus with Big Turtle Shell

    Outdoor Tech's Big Turtle Shell.

    It’s no joke … your boombox just got re-invented. The all-new rugged, shockproof and water-resistant Big Turtle Shell from Outdoor Tech provides the ultimate wireless audio experience in any setting from the beach or campfire to pool party or backyard BBQ. Launching via Kickstarter throughout the month of April, the Big Turtle Shell offers a power bank of life and volume big enough to piss off the neighbors, if that’s your thing.

    Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology and NFC quick pairing, the Big Turtle Shell® wirelessly connects with your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device to bring you 110 decibels of auditory bliss. It streams 360° omnidirectional, crystal clear audio from a range of over 30 feet and will play for 16 hours on a single battery charge. Further, the 7800 milliamps of battery power give the Big Turtle Shell the capability to charge external devices through its power bank via the USB port. External controls allow the user to adjust volume, change tracks, play/pause, answer/reject/end calls, and activate Siri or Android voice prompts to search for obscure film references while taking a dance break from your house party. Made for life on the go, the 2.2lb Big Turtle Shell® is easy to handle, mount, pack and take with you anywhere … and does it all with the utmost style and ease.

    The Big Turtle Shell is the new bully in Outdoor Tech’s family of wireless audio. Get yours now by pledging $150 or more (SRP $230) at

    To see all that Outdoor Tech has to offer, head on over to

    Image courtesy Outdoor Tech

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