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    Video: Insane Ukrainian Bridge Jump

    EpicTV released the first episode of the series On the Edge, which features English explorer and freerunner James Kingston as he searches for the most fantastic, remote peaks in urban environments. It is described as “a series for anyone who has ever looked up at the clouds and wondered what it would be like to look down.”

    For the first episode, Kingston climbs the 390-foot Moscow Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine that runs across the Dnieper River. But he doesn’t just climb. He lets his friend, Mustang Wanted, hold on to his arm and hang off the side of the bridge. This stunt is followed by Kingston doing a backflip while standing on the top of a pylon. Both of these are easy ways to die if one wrong move is made.

    Disclaimer: it’s probably not the best idea to watch this video if you’re afraid of heights.

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