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    Outdoor Industry Association Launches New Market and Consumer Insight Products

    Outdoor Industry Association’s (OIA) Market and Consumer Insights department launched a suite of new products today to help members understand trends and emerging dynamics impacting the outdoor industry. The intent is to put meaningful insight into the hands of members to help them succeed in the increasingly volatile and rapidly evolving marketplace in which they run their businesses.

    The new products being launched include:

    • Trend Blog: An online forum highlighting industry and cross-industry trends relevant to the outdoor market featuring original and curated content, best practices, and actionable insights around the four themes of technology, retail, diversity, and lifestyle.
    • Social Buzz: An email sent to members bi-weekly, on Thursdays, featuring insights and metrics around important social media conversations on topics of interest or emerging trends.
    • Social Media Listening Reports: Posted quarterly, these reports will provide a deeper look into online discussion about crucial topics to help understand consumer perceptions, needs and behaviors, and to identify the implications on outdoor.  Supply chain members will be able to download the listening reports free from the OIA website.
    • Insights Newsletter: A monthly email newsletter, available to members, will highlight social media listening and trends insights. It will also include case studies featuring innovative business strategies within the industry and a monthly recap of outdoor retail sales.

    “Our industry needs to take a more inclusive view of outdoor if we want to be relevant to the emerging younger consumer who sees it differently from the industry’s current view. OIA’s role is to help our members discover what younger consumers want and how brands and retailers can effectively communicate and engage with them,” said Christie Hickman, OIA’s Vice President of Market & Consumer Insights.  “We want to understand the fundamental behaviors that shape the marketplace and translate those insights for our members, so they can make informed decisions to benefit their businesses.”

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