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    Sea Tow and the Sea Tow Foundation Form Partnership with United States Power Squadrons

    Recognizing their mutual goal of promoting boating safety, education and enjoyment on the water among recreational boaters, Sea Tow Services International, Inc., the nonprofit Sea Tow Foundation and United States Power Squadrons (USPS) have formed a strategic partnership. Through their new agreement, all three organizations will work closely together to provide boating safety resources and education to the public, while USPS members and boaters who take a USPS Boating Safety Course will benefit from valuable new discounts on Sea Tow memberships, enhancing their peace of mind of the water.

    “It makes sense for Sea Tow Services International to work with the USPS on a national level to spread the word about boating safety and education, while our individual Sea Tow locations work on a regional level with their local Power Squadron to provide information and hands-on training where possible,” said Capt. Joe Frohnhoefer, Founder and CEO of Sea Tow Services International. “We are excited about this new partnership and the benefits it will bring to recreational boaters.”

    “We are proud of our new partnership with Sea Tow as our missions are aligned to make the water a safer place for all boaters. That has been our priority for the past century as we celebrate our 100th anniversary this year,” stated Robert Baldridge, Chief Commander for the United States Power Squadrons. “We have over 400 Squadrons throughout the United States that will receive great benefits from our partnership with Sea Tow.”

    The partnership between Sea Tow, the nation’s leading on-water assistance provider; the Sea Tow Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization created by Capt. Frohnhoefer to promote boating safety, and USPS, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable through education, includes the following highlights:

    • All USPS members will receive a promotional code for a $10 discount off their Sea Tow Membership, whether they are purchasing a new membership or renewing their membership. This brings the cost of a Sea Tow Gold Card Membership down to $159 per year for USPS members, while offering them the same valuable services and benefits enjoyed by all other Sea Tow members.
    • All boaters who complete a USPS Boaters Safety Course will receive a coupon code for a free 60-day Sea Tow Trial Membership, after which they will have the option to upgrade to a full membership – technically getting 14 months for the price of 12!
    • The Sea Tow Foundation will collaborate with USPS to create boating education and safety content, which will be disseminated to boaters by the Foundation, local Sea Tow operators, National U.S. Power Squadrons and Districts through their boating education, safety, and community outreach efforts.
    • The Sea Tow Foundation will assist National Squadrons and Districts in developing on-the-water training courses as a towing expert.
    • USPS will authorize its Squadrons and Districts to act as resources for local Sea Tow operators in developing boating safety and education programs such as on-the-water training for members.

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