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    Ibis Cycles UK Enduro Team Featured in Miniseries

    It’s rare to come across a film about mountain biking that looks at the softer side of the sport, questioning why people ride. Rather than relying on frames of extreme mountain biking down a terrifyingly steep trail, the first installment of the three-part miniseries titled The Lone Wolf takes a look at the personalities involved.

    With focus placed on the group of riders that make up the Ibis Cycles UK Enduro Team, episode one follows young athlete Lewis Kirkwood as he rides during a Scottish winter in Nevis Range. The weather is far from ideal during the race, and this fact coupled with Kirkwood having to gather data for a his Edinburgh Napier University project make for a demanding trip.

    “Scour the realms of Scotland and rummage the depths of endurance racing to get a detailed glimpse of what makes everyone in the team excited to just ride their bikes,” the series’ description reads. “Revolving around the inaugural year of the POC Scottish Enduro Series, we take a new direction to show you the best and most realistic action from select races.”

    The film was shot and edited by Dominic Simmons.

    Check out part one below.

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