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    Rick Wittenbraker Joins Howler Brothers as CMO

    Industry veteran Wittenbraker brings brand marketing and strategy experience to fast-growing lifestyle apparel company.

    Howler Brothers is adding some serious marketing muscle to the brand with the hiring of industry veteran and brand board advisor Rick Wittenbraker as Chief Marketing Officer.

    “We have known Rick for a long time both as a friend and as a business advisor, so we know he’s going to be a great fit here,” said Chase Heard, co-founder of Howler Brothers. “He possesses the knowledge and experience to lead the brand as we continue to grow, and he lives the lifestyle to be able to do it with authenticity. He truly walks the walk and will play a key role in taking Howler Brothers to the next level.”

    A confluence of his background and experience, Wittenbraker’s new position will focus on all facets of Howler Brother’s marketing. Wittenbraker joins the Howler family after successfully taking the reigns of several startups, as well as steering Austin-based YETI Coolers from a $5-million to $68-million company in four years, first as a consultant then as vice president of marketing.

    In addition to co-founding and running the company on a day-to-day basis, Heard has been shouldering marketing efforts for the brand. Wittenbraker will be leading those initiatives going forward, allowing Heard and the rest of the Howler team to focus on designing and producing high-quality coastal-inspired technical and lifestyle apparel and accessories.

    “First and foremost—as a surfer, fisherman, and traveler—I’m a fan of the brand,” said Wittenbraker. “I love the style, design, and aesthetics, and I’m excited to work with a passion-driven company that makes superior products. People are using these products when they are out doing what they love to do most—things they dream about doing, things they put up on their screensavers like fishing, surfing, and spending time exploring new places, and Howler Brothers gets that. Howler Brothers is that.”

    For more about Howler Brothers and their new 2014 spring/summer line, visit: http://howlerbros.com/.

    Image courtesy Howler Brothers

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