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    BASE Jumper Lit on Fire in Advertising Stunt

    In an attempt to prove just how effective the company’s flame-retardant underwear is, Devold teamed up with BASE jumper and stuntman Tom Erik Heiman to create advertising that’s hard to ignore.

    Norwegian manufacturer Devold has been making underwear that protects against flames, cold, heat, static electricity, and metal splash for 160 years. It was the first manufacturer that received EU approval for its flame-retardant underwear that is used in high-risk jobs.

    In “The Devold Protection Challenge,” the company worked with Heiman and stunt coordinator Seth Erikson, who developed the idea for the jump. In the short film, Heiman is set on fire before jumping off a 1,200-meter (3,937-foot) cliff in Norway.

    The goal? To prove how the flame retardant underwear works in extreme conditions.

    “I have been skydiving since 1976 and base jumping since the ’80s. I’ve never ever seen a base jumper on fire,” said aerial camera operator Peter Degerfeldt.

    Despite how dangerous the stunt may seem, Devold stated that it’s in these extreme situations where lives are on the line that the products are necessary.

    Check out the video below.

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