DYNAFIT North America Named Official Ski Sponsor of the American Mountain Guides Association Instructor Team

    Fresh off their exclusive partnership with the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA), DYNAFIT has been named the Official Ski Sponsor of the American Mountain Guides (AMGA) Instructor Team.

    Joining the AMGA in 2008, DYNAFIT has been a partner at the Patron level and has supported the AMGA’s initiatives across a wide range of activities. In February 2014, DYNAFIT signed an exclusive partnership with the AMGA that allows guaranteed use of their skis by the AMGA’s elite Instructor Team. This partnership gives DYNAFIT both access to input from the most skilled, trusted, and talented guides in the United States, and the ability to utilize the AMGA Instructor team for field product testing.

    “This is a great opportunity for the AMGA,” said Executive Director Betsy Winter. “It gives our guides and Instructor Team members the chance to offer input on key equipment they use on a daily basis. And it gives both DYNAFIT and the AMGA the chance to work together to develop and fine tune the most perfect skis for American mountain guides.”

    In May 2012, 13 mountain guides from across the globe, including members of the AMGA traveled to North America to summit Denali (6,194 m/20,322 ft). The ski expedition and descent was part of a workshop focused on developing an expedition guide training program on an international level. Building on the success of this project with the IFMGA, both the AMGA and DYNAFIT will work to ensure the success of its Instructor Team. Since beginning of the AMGA movement, Dynafit has maintained an ongoing commitment to helping elevate the professional snow guiding community,” said Jim Lamancusa Director of Sale and Marketing at Dynafit North America. “Before ski guiding was truly recognized in the US, we’ve worked very closely with AMGA to identify unique opportunities to further the development of professional guides. It’s great to see this relationship fostering the path of our certified snow professionals.

    To find our more about the AMGA’s partners program, visit the Our Partners webpage.

    Logo courtesy American Mountain Guides

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