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    Developer Creates Virtual MTB Game

    Freelance game developer and mountain biker Mark Judd has released several YouTube videos detailing his newest creation—a MTB simulation video game.

    Although Judd is the first to say work on the game has been slow, as this is his side project on top of a full-time career, he was inspired to create it by his love for physics-based games. He wanted to build something that was as close to real-life riding as possible.

    Attention is placed on steering, drivetrain, suspension, brake forces, and body position. Judd said if there’s enough interest in the game, created under Wildebeest Games, he plans to distribute it as a free package. He said in the future, he would plan to include additional riding areas, including popular existing locations as well as imagined ones. Future upgrades such as this would likely have a small fee.

    According to Singletrack, Judd would release the game in about one year if enough interest is garnered.

    Wildebeest Games, which is run by Judd and several friends, has also created rock climbing and racing games.

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