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    Body Glove International Announces New Hat License

    BodyGlove has teamed up with Hatsco for a new headwear collection.

    Body Glove International is excited to announce their licensing agreement with Hatsco to create a new headwear collection.

    Rich Galligan, the National Sales Manager and Owner of Hatsco, got his start in the surf industry 30 years ago working as a rep for Body Glove and has witnessed its growth first hand. Galligan, along with Hatsco partners Craig Kish and Vladi Stefanovic have been producing hats and headwear for the surf industry for decades.

    “Body Glove is truly one of the original companies in this industry that has remained focused on the growth of the sports we love,” says Rich Galligan, National Sales Manager and Owner of Hatsco.

    “’Do what you love, love what you do’ is the mantra for Body Glove and that fits perfectly with our goals of producing headwear for the brand.”

    “Body Glove International is proud to have Hatsco as our new headwear partner,” states Body Glove International’s VP of Marketing, Scott Daley. “Rich has been a great friend and business partner for over 30 years. The surf industry is a tight-knit community and he has continually proven himself to be a consistent producer.”

    Image courtesy Body Glove

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