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    Video: Kashmir’s Backcountry Skiing Lines

    Thayne Rich, Kalen Thorien, Tony Rossi, Vanessa Aadland, and Mark Kogelmann traveled to Kashmir in February 2013 with the intention of filming a ski movie.

    “The day they touched down in India, the government hanged a convicted Kashmiri man who they had branded a terrorist and secretly buried his body in the prison where he was held. This ignited an age-old feud between Pakistan and India for rule over the embattled, mountainous province,” the video’s description states.

    The group of skiers, known as the Soulryders, chose to continue with their journey. What they discovered beyond the civil unrest was unbelievable backcountry skiing in the Pir Panjal mountain range.

    Episode one of the EpicTV series Lines of Control, “Years of War Hide Sweet Backcountry Skiing Lines in Kashmir,” blends culture with skiing, taking the audience beyond the visuals that are typically presented in ski films and into the lives of people in the community.

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