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    Video: Sylvio Mancusi Searches for Big Waves

    Episode one of the EpicTV series Into the Wave was released several days ago and features Sylvio Mancusi and Garrett McNamara as they search for big waves to ride.

    The episode it titled “On Days Like This It’s Best to Avoid Surfing Nazaré, Unless You’re These Guys,” which is fitting considering the risks involved. A portion of the short film features Mancusi’s wife upset in the car, as she’s worried about his safety.

    “At the age of 17 I discovered my passion, which is the big waves,” Mancusi said in the video. “And this passion took me to the corners of the world looking for the biggest waves to surf.”

    Mancusi, who is from Brazil, began with surfing but soon learned his skills transitioned into kitesurfing and SUP as well.

    Check out episode one below.

    Image courtesy of Sylvio Mancusi's Facebook page

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