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    Buff Creates Reversible Outdoor Headwear

    The one product most people don’t think to buy when they’re preparing to spend time outdoors in the winter is something to protect the face. While we’re accustomed to gathering our boots, base layers, snowpants, jacket, hat, and gloves, we often forget about our faces. Buff has provided a solution.

    “Buff was started by this guy who is a motorcyclist,” said Michael Collin from Pale Morning Media. “There’s a lot of dust when you’re riding a bike, so he started taking fabrics, cutting them up, and putting them around his face. It improved upon and improved upon until they came up with this tubular, super-versatile headwear.

    “Some have reflective on them, and there’s just a myriad of designs.”

    With designs and fabrics that range from tiger faces to silk to company logos, Buff has a wide selection to choose from.

    “They’re really lightweight and can be worn in almost an infinite amount of ways,” Collin said. “You can wear it as a headband, a scarf, under a helmet, covering your face, etc.”

    Some of the more specialized Buffs were created for the winter season and include holes around the mouth, nose, and ears for easy breathing and hearing. Although Buff specializes in reversible headwear, it also sells gloves.

    For more information, visit the Buff website. Note: there is a 25-percent-off sale that will end January 31.

    Check out the video below that shows different ways to wear the product.

    Image is a screenshot of video by video by Buff, Inc. on Vimeo

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