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    Video: Man Builds Giant Pumpkin Boat

    Two notable feats were accomplished by Dmitri Galitzine, a self-described “oversized vegetable artist,” after he created two versions of a giant pumpkin boat.

    On Wednesday he set a “world record” for the fastest 100-meter paddle in a 600-pound pumpkin. The following day he puttered out to the Isle of Wight in the English Channel in an 800-pound pumpkin.

    “I’ve always been fascinated with giant vegetables,” he said in a video interview with ITN. “When I found out they could float, it seemed to make perfect sense.”

    Galitzine, who lives in the United Kingdom, traveled three miles in one hour and 56 minutes in his creation. Check out a video of both trips embedded below.

    The 800-pound squash was grown by Mark O’Hanlon, from Hesketh Bank in Lancashire, who sold it to Galitzine.

    “He followed it through,” O’Hanlon said in a BBC article. “He saw it growing, he came to see it being loaded, he was so determined this was going to happen despite everybody telling him it was a bonkers idea.

    “Going in the sea in large vegetables is not a good idea.”

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