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    Surf Industry Employees Benefit from Marketing-Focused Boot Camp P.M.

    SIMA Boot Camp P.M. saw more than 90 attendees from 45 different surf industry companies at Tuesday’s event. This marketing-focused Boot Camp P.M. featured a presentation from Douglas Van Praet, Executive Vice President of a leading ad agency, Deutsch LA and author of Unconscious Branding. Van Praet shared his unique approach to branding and his unique understanding of consumer actions.

    “To be single-minded is wrong-minded because we have a two part mind – the conscious and unconscious,” said Van Praet. “To really understand marketing, branding and consumers you have to focus on the unconscious mind.”

    Douglas Van Praet is the founder and author of Unconscious Branding, a brand strategy consultancy whose approach to marketing draws form Unconscious Behaviorism and applies neurobiology, evolutionary psychology and behavioral economics to most business problems. He has positioned many of the world’s most iconic brands through highly effective and award winning campaigns, such as Volkswagen’s widely popular “The Force” campaign.

    “Unconscious Behaviorism means we’re being conditioned by the environment at all times subconsciously,” Van Praet told attendees. “The major premise is this – all learning behavior change is unconscious.”

    Van Praet came to his Unconscious Behaviorism conclusions by observations he made while looking for answers. His observations led him to see patterns in consumer behaviors and how to break through their everyday habits by completely reversing what is thought as the marketing norm. Through his observations, Douglas Van Praet found the seven steps to changing culture and branding. He explained each step to attendees during the Boot Camp P.M., giving relevant examples of brands that are utilizing these steps to their success right now.

    The event was held at the Hurley headquarters and offered a relaxed atmosphere that encouraged attendees to network with fellow surf industry employees and enjoy complementary food before the educational presentation and allowed for a question and answer time with Douglas Van Praet after.

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