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    Light & Motion Announces the Multifunctional GoBe Anywhere Light

    The Light & Motion GOBE platform has been designed to allow for interchangeable lightheads so you can build the perfect lighting system.

    Light & Motion, a premier recreational lighting company, breaks ground with the November 2013 launch of the GoBe adventure light. GoBe’s versatile and powerful system gives scuba, bike, and outdoor adventurers a light that is the perfect tool for a wide range of activities from probing the ocean depths to exploring the most extreme land-based terrain. GoBe combines the robust design features of Light & Motion’s popular Sola scuba dive lights with the size and convenience of the company’s commuter bike lights.

    GoBe offers customers a choice of 6 base models that are activity-specific – each beam is designed to enhance the experience of the intended pursuit. GoBe comes as a 500-lumen Spot Beam, a 500-lumen Search Beam, a 500-lumen NightSea Beam or in a special Pink Body with 500-lumen Spot Beam light-head edition. The GoBe+, a more powerful light, can be purchased as either a 700 lumen Wide Beam or Spot Beam light head. Users can extend the function of their light by customizing the GoBe with an array of interchangeable light heads, sold separately, to pursue all the activities they enjoy: diving, boating, nature sighting, star gazing, hiking, rock hounding, kayaking, fishing, cycling, and more.


    GoBe includes a variety of mounting options (hand-held, standard underwater photography mounts, and a versatile bar-mount) for video, photography, and land-based action. At 160 grams, GoBe is engineered to be travel friendly and includes an accurate battery life indicator, USB charging, three power levels, SOS mode, and can run up to 24 hours on a single charge.

    Tested using the ANSI FL-1 Standard, GoBe is impact resistant and submersible to 120 meters.

    “GoBe is the culmination of 24 years of design expertise in underwater and bicycle light engineering,” says Daniel Emerson, CEO of Light & Motion, “GoBe’s factory sealed, external charging design goes anywhere you can go”.

    Images courtesy Light & Motion

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