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    Waveblade Cracks Gulf Coast Market with Texas Boat Exchange Partnership

    Through a distributor agreement with Texas Boat Exchange, Waveblade, Inc. has now established its revolutionary Waveblade hull-cleaning device in the Gulf Coast market. The League City, Texas-based company is known for its full-service boat maintenance and repair facility, along with a wide offering of marine-related products.

    “Mariners and businesses on the Texas Gulf Coast have long needed a technological breakthrough product like Waveblade to remove bio-fouling,” said Marc Edelman, Texas Boat Exchange partner. The handheld, submersible power tool uses various blades and a patented resonant wave mechanism to safely and quickly clean hulls and other surfaces.

    Because it can be used both above and below the water, the Waveblade saves money on haul-out fees. Besides removing fouling from hulls, propeller shafts, running gear and trim tabs, it works equally well on underwater structures like docks and piping. “By educating our end users, we’ll get this time- and money-saving tool in the hands of customers,” added Edelman.

    Contact Waveblade, Inc., 780 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, FL 34102. Toll-free 877-895-9283. [email protected]; www.waveblade.com.

    Waveblade videos are at www.youtube.com/user/WavebladeVideos. Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Waveblade/247253468647737.

    Logo courtesy Waveblade

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