NEMO Announces The Collective: A Special Adventure Gear Collection

    NEMO has partnered with a select group of brands that share its dedication to design, performance and craftsmanship to launch the NEMO Collective – a special online shopping experience at The Collective will feature products from complementary brands, paired with NEMO best-sellers to inspire new ways of thinking about gearing up for favorite outdoor activities. The Collective will evolve with new products added in synch with the seasons, and for a wide range of outdoor adventures —from travel, to backpacking, to backyard gatherings. Inaugural partners include Alite, Snow Peak and Nalgene.

    “We love the idea of collaborating and making pairings with other brands. We hope The Collective will introduce our customers to some new products and brands that can add value to their experience of adventure. That’s NEMO’s driving mission—to inspire people to have adventures. While we currently only make products in a few categories, it makes sense that we should offer our suggestion of where else to look to get the most out of your time outdoors. I think The Collective model is one that will become pervasive. It enriches the experience for the customer all the way from the website to the mountains,” said Cam Brensinger, founder and CEO of NEMO.

    “Right now, we are watching a new outdoor consumer audience emerge. They are less interested in scaling Mt. Everest and more interested in camping out at music festivals, building bonfires at the beach, and discovering secret, undocumented swimming holes. They are also interested in well-designed outdoor gear that complements their outdoor activities as well as provides an aesthetic superior to that of existing outdoor gear. Alite Designs, NEMO, and other brands in The Collective are excited to serve this new audience with our complementary product lines, and inspire them to spend more time embarking on their next outdoor adventure,” said David Knight, Business Unit Manager at Alite Designs, Inc.

    Through innovation, new technologies and now strategic partnerships, NEMO continues its effort to improve adventures of all kinds. Whether it’s jumping on a plane to explore a new surf spot or exploring the backcountry with friends, The Collective offers NEMO customers a fresh way to shop, explore new brands and plan for their next adventure.

    Product pairings in The Collective are offered at special pricing only through NEMO’s website. Available for a limited time, brands and products will evolve and change with the seasons.

    Logo courtesy NEMO Equipment

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