Cotton Carrier’s StrapShot is a Hiker’s New Best Friend

    The Cotton Carrier StrapShot makes hiking with a camera easy and comfortable.

    A hike with a camera around your neck can quickly turn painful, whether on a leisurely stroll or a strenuous climb. Cotton Carrier has the solution for anyone who gets outdoors: StrapShot.

    “StrapShot is the dream accessory for hikers,” said Brook Parker of Cotton Carrier. “It’s compatible with all backpacks and DSLRs and offers unparalleled comfort, security and speed.”

    StrapShot attaches securely to any backpack strap. High-quality Velcro wings hug the backpack strap, and tether clips onto the backpack’s D-ring to prevent slippage for additional security.

    Cotton Carrier’s patented locking system keeps cameras securely mounted. StrapShot includes a camera hub that attaches to your camera’s tripod hole on the base of the camera. The camera hub slides in and is securely mounted into the StrapShot locking system, and releases once the camera is turned 90 degrees so that you’re ready to shoot in an instant.

    StrapShot works with any camera, and includes a free bonus Cotton Carrier Hand Strap to provide a super secure and comfortable grip on your camera. The StrapShot is not just limited to use with backpacks. A loop on the back of StrapShot allows it to be attached to a pants belt for use with smaller cameras.

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    Image courtesy Cotton Carrier

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