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    Liberty Mountain Releases New Website is equipped with many new and updated features to provide a better experience for users.

    Liberty Mountain is excited to announce the launch of the new website. Along with a new look, the website is equipped with many new and updated features to provide a better experience for browsing and placing orders. The new website is live and open for business.

    By incorporating the latest web standards, now uses a simplified design that highlights the interface for users. The improved homepage now acts as a portal to initiate numerous objectives such as logging in, browsing product, using the search engine, applying to become a dealer, accessing various gear related articles, and downloading digital catalogs.

    Navigating the new website is made easy from either the top navigation bars or the navigation widget in the right-hand column. The navigation links have been categorized and organized to mimic that of the Liberty Mountain catalog, making it easy to do business using one or the other.

    The new user account tools—Order History, Saved Carts, Quotes, Wish Lists, and Reports–make doing business a breeze. The Order History feature provides a complete history of previous orders for accurate record keeping and to quickly place identical orders. Creating Saved Carts, Quotes, and Wish Lists help in the process of gathering product and placing quicker orders. Last but not least, Accounts Payable and Sales Order Status reports are now available online for better bookkeeping.

    Another improved feature on the website is the Quick Order feature. With a catalog next to the computer, Quick Order allows item numbers and quantities to be quickly entered into the shopping cart without having to visit each individual product page on the site.

    When browsing the website, products can be arranged by item number, name, price, or popularity. Comparing items is made simple by checking the items’ respective box and pressing the “Compare Checked Items” button to line them up in a row for analysis. The new Product Finder tool helps pinpoint items with specific specifications and features. By selecting the desired parameters, the Product Finder will narrow the field to exactly what you are looking for.

    Doing a generic search on the new website now delivers results organized by relevance and various categories. For example, when searching “backpacks” the search results page will group the results into backpacks from various brands and backpacks for various activities. Segmented results will now provide a quicker way to find the gear you are looking for.

    Liberty Mountain’s new website makes doing business easier and quicker. The future for this website will provide other new features that will roll out after development and testing is finished. Please feel free to contact [email protected] with any feedback and questions concerning the new site.

    Image courtesy Liberty Mountain

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