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Green Supply Features Light My Fire, Products Perfect for Every Camper

Light My Fire offers many different fire-starting products for a convenient, lighter-free way to start a fire.

With premium-quality products, aimed toward improving the outdoor experience, Light My Fire® fits in very well within the Green Supply family. Offering a number of products, from fire-starters to outdoor utensils, Light My Fire has the perfect answer for any person with a passion for the outdoors.

Light My Fire offers many different fire-starting products, allowing for a convenient, lighter-free way to start the fire. The Swedish FireSteel 2.0 is the original magnesium fire-starter, initially developed for the Swedish Department of Defense. With an unfailing performance at all altitudes, the Swedish FireSteel 2.0 is one of the most dependable fire-starters available.

TinderSticks create an easy and clean way to get the fire going. Made up of pine (or fatwood) from the highlands of Mexico, these fire-starters are completely chemical free. Even in damp conditions, TinderSticks are extremely easy to light.

In addition to fire-starting products, Light My Fire offers several food containers and utensils as a part of their Wild Kitchen Collection. With numerous drinking containers, meal-kits and spoon-forks (or “sporks”), these products allow food and drink to be perfectly contained and easily accessible.

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